Hospital door / laboratory / sliding / automatic DIB Radioprotection

Hospital door / laboratory / sliding / automatic DIB Radioprotection
DIB Radioprotection

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Type: Sliding door with overlap at the bottom. Automatic or manual. Indicated for direct entry bunker without maze. Dimension: passage width from 0,90m to 2,20m. Principle of operation: Door with overlap on all four sides. Rolling in a trench below the floor on rail system. A sliding floor covers the trench when door is open to allow the passage of staff, chairs or beds. X-Ray protection shielding materials: - Lead, steel Thickness in excess of 200mm possible - Paraffin, polyethylene, borated or not Thickness in excess of 400mm possible - Concrete Thickness in excess of 800mm possible Weight: Depends on components thickness, from 5,000 kg to 20,000 kg. Final cover option: Prepainted steel panel, final painting on site or stainless steel options. Each door is a separate project with its own design study. An implementation drawing showing controls, mechanism, leaf location is given to the customer for approval before manufacturing.
  • Type:sliding, automatic
  • Protection type:radiation shielding, lead-lined
  • Medical establishment:laboratory, hospital