Hospital baby bassinet MINI Alfamedic

Hospital baby bassinet MINI Alfamedic

Neonatal bed MINI is designed for neonatal and children's departments of all health facilities. It is in particular suitable for ROOMING – IN system as its design enables to put it directly above the mother's bed or under a heating module VM–94 or photo-therapy FL-2010. It is mobile and can be easily adjusted manually in vertical direction. Four side swivel wheels, two with brakes. On the lower part of chassis there is a storage basket. Through an easy positioning mechanism you can adjust the bed surface to both of „Trendelenburg's“ positions, a high-level or so-called „drainage position“. Lining of the mattress can be chosen between the cloth, leathercloth or purplast MINT. The bed can be used with a heated mattress with the temperature regulation type RD – 95.
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