Horizontal bed head unit / modular Q 100 intensive SCHYNS

Horizontal bed head unit / modular Q 100 intensive SCHYNS
Q 100 intensive

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In intensive medicine, the life of patients can depend from a very few machines. State-of-the-art medical devices, connected to an absolutely reliable, functional and easy-to-operate care system represent the basic requirements for maintaining life-sustaining measures. The Q100 "intensive" was developed to enable the easy handling of all personnel-serviced devices requiring an energy supply. This facilitates all the treatment, care and monitoring which the patient requires. All the necessary electric sockets and communications connections, medical gas outlets and general and reading lights are integrated in a highly-flexible modular system. The wall system "Q1 intensive" consists of right-angled extruded aluminium care profiles in two depths, matching device rail profiles and lights with translucent extruded acrylic-satin light covers. The Q100 intensive is available in various designs and can be fitted with medical connection devices, consoles and accessories. The 1-bar or 2-bar cart on the positive-fitting adjustable device rail profile (25 x 10 mm) provide the highest-possible level of flexibility. The shallow nature of the central channel means that use of a moveable cart leaves plenty of space on the central device rail for medical gas sockets or accessories.
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