Horizontal bed head unit IV 1054 DIA Modul technik

Horizontal bed head unit IV 1054 DIA Modul technik
IV 1054 DIA

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In order to supply your dialysis patients, the IV 1054 also comes as a dialysis installation system. The equipping with installation elements for the high voltage, communications, data technology and tapping points for medical gases is carried out to suit the respective requirements of the project. A completely enclosed installation housing is fitted underneath the IV 1054. This offers a lot of space for on-site installation of supply and waste pipes for the dialysis concentrate, permeate and waste water. The front cover of the installation housing is made of compressed slabs (colour in accordance with the manufacturer's colour range). In the connection area of the dialysis machine there is a removable plastic cover with the suitable apertures for the tapping valves and connections.
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