Hollow-fiber dialyzer / polysulfone RENAK PS Kawasumi

Hollow-fiber dialyzer / polysulfone RENAK PS Kawasumi

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Features: Membrane:Polysulfone Modern synthetic membrane Sterilization:Gamma sterilized dry-type dialyzer Gamma irradiation eliminates any residual adverse effect and is very safe Line-up Two categories in the RENAK PS series, Low-flux and High-flux Low-flux and High-flux also offers 4 types of surface areas, 1.3?,1.5?,1.8? and 2.1? Performance: Excellent biocompatibility Strict pore size management minimizes albumin loss Softer and thicker gel layer on inner surface on the membrane minimizes platelet activation and reduce the anticoagulation requirements High-flux dialyzer RENAK PS has a greater degree of permeability High-flux attains excellent degree of ?2 Microglobulin removal
Kawasumi Building 3-28-15 Minami Oi,
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