Hemoglobin monitor continuous NBM 200MP OrSense

Hemoglobin monitor continuous NBM 200MP OrSense

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The device is non invasive which provides precise monitoring of many parameters of the blood. It features continuous, spot, immediate and on-line measurement. The device is approved by FDA. It provides pulse oximetry with low perfusion. The product can be used safely and easily. The product is one stop solution for the accurate measurement of the parameters of blood including plethysmogram, pulse rate, oxygen saturation of HB (SpO2), hemoglobin levels and low perfusion oximetry. Both the continuous and spot monitoring of the patient is enabled by the device. Adjustable alarm is provided for the pulse rate and oximetry with audible and visible signal of the alarm. The product is ideal for the testing of blood analyte in continuous and non invasive way. The comfort and safety of the patient is improved while eliminating the risk of infection. The device can provide immediate results and higher accuracy to the caregiver.
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