Hemoglobin analyzer Alere™ HemoPoint® H2 Alere

Hemoglobin analyzer Alere™ HemoPoint® H2 Alere
Alere™ HemoPoint® H2

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The Alere HemoPoint #174 H2 Meter reads hemoglobin levels in under a minute. The easy to use and fast system provides accurate results from a single drop of blood. It also provides an estimate of the hematocrit level on an touch screen display. Along with the test results, the screen shows the time and battery status from a rechargeable battery. The microcuvette technology minimizes blood contamination by using a curved holder. The sample is rejected if the meter determines the results are outside the predetermined limits set by the user. The easy to use meter requires very little training. Since it uses a battery, it is mobile. The machine can recall the last 4000 test results by pressing one button.
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