Hemodialysis water treatment plant HV AmeriWater

Hemodialysis water treatment plant HV AmeriWater

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Virgin polyethylene tanks with sealed lids and sub-micron vent filters prevent contamination Complete drain fitting and gasketed 10" covered fill hole, with cone bottom tank design High vortex stainless steel pump mixing action provides complete mixing in minutes and keeps the bicarbonate powder in solution Disinfection is quick and simple with chemicals or ozone Bicarb system and distribution loop can be disinfected with ozone at the same time, significantly reducing the disinfection time Adjustable throttle valve improves disinfection and results in faster rinse out of the disinfectant Manual RO water valves, which spray the entire inside of the tanks, allows for quick and complete rinsing of the bicarb or disinfectant The bicarb mix timer prevents over-mixing of the solution Distribution tank has high and low level audible alarms and low-level distribution pump shut off Optional remote bicarb alarm package available
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