Hematology cell imaging system Clemex HemaCyto Clemex

Hematology cell imaging system Clemex HemaCyto Clemex
Clemex HemaCyto

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Clemex HemaCyto is the most recent microscopy system used in the analysis of peripheral blood. Able to locate WBCs, characterize RBCs, and count platelets on a peripheral blood smears, Clemex HemaCyto is a tool that helps technologists rate white blood cells according to their type. With nearly 25 years of skill and experience in digital image analysis techonology, Clemex innovates once again Learn about the essential steps of the image analysis process for Hematology Laboratories Clemex HemaCyto helps hematology professionals in sharing knowledge quickly, thanks to its large display screen or through a central server connection. Choose from the one-slide automated system or the fully independent 40-slide or more (shown) for high throughput environments. All results, images and details of the analyses are traceable to patient files using a bar code system. Qualified professionals must validate and approve.
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