Heat recovery system for healthcare facilities HSK

Heat recovery system for healthcare facilities HSK

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The Systemair HSK “Heat Recovery Ventilation System” has been designed to save energy by recovering thermal energy in order to provide indoor air quality in environments such as offices, cafeterias, dormitories, and classrooms; in residences, to exhaust the dirty and humid air in indoor spaces of higher temperature such as bathrooms and kitchens, and to supply the required amount of fresh air in spaces requiring more oxygen such as bedrooms and living rooms. It supplies the fresh air requirement of the environment as well as preventing condensation during the winter in spaces where it is used. The heat recovery ventilation system also assists in the relief of asthma and allergies by eliminating dust and microscopic dust mites from the environment. Frame The entire frame is manufactured from electrostatic furnace painted galvanized steel sheets, and resistant to oxidation. 25 mm glass wool insulation material has been used for noise and heat insulation. Fans Double suction radial types, with direct coupled motors, suitable for rpm control. Heat Exchanger High efficiency heat exchangers with low air resistance, that are manufactured entirely from aluminum Pan Electrostatic furnace painted condensation pan, manufactured from galvanized steel sheet to resist moisture condensation that will occur on the exhaust side is standard equipment.
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