Healthcare facility vacuum cleaner TASKI vacumat 22T Taski

Healthcare facility vacuum cleaner TASKI vacumat 22T Taski
TASKI vacumat 22T

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Standard cord electric wet/dry vacuum cleaner offers ultimate flexibility when used with an easy-to-attach dry vacuuming kit, making the machine truly multifunctional. Key Features * Maximum flexibility * True versatility * Increased productivity * Robustness and durability * 22 T integrated trolley Maximum flexibility * The wet/dry vacuum cleaner can easily be equipped for dry vacuuming by using an easy-to-attach dry vacuuming kit. This makes the machine truly multifunctional for any type of dry vacuuming on hard and soft floors. True versatility * Due to a large variety of options, the vacuum cleaner can be used for basic cleaning in combination with TASKI single disc machines, spillage cleaning or day-to-day cleaning. Increased productivity * High suction power combined with excellent maneuverability and large tank capacity increases the efficiency of operation. Robustness and durability * A specially designed mechanical float system with a dual filter guarantees double protection of the motor unit and significantly prolongs service life. Resistant to shocks and chemicals, the tank ensures high durability. 22 T integrated trolley * The vacumat 22 T vacuum cleaner includes a highly maneuverable trolley to allow for more efficient cleaning on stripper solution and liquid spills.
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