Healthcare facility dishwasher TWIN STAR DIHR

Healthcare facility dishwasher TWIN STAR DIHR

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The only REAL innovation in professional dishwashing, in the last 20 years! Twin Star does the job for you in full comfort, thanks to its ultra-low-sound level and minimal heat loos in the room Less handling, less breakages, less repeated job, easy load/unload in full ergonomics. Twin Star takes care of it all. Dishes can be used immediately, after the cycles end, or can be left stocked in the machine, as in a shelf. Twin Star can be installed in whatever room, as needing 1/3 of space only, when compared to a traditional dishwashing system. When compared to a traditional system, Twin Star consumes remarkably much less water i.e. much less chemicals. The electrical consumption is minimal and, thanks to the delayed Starter, you can run it far from electrical peak times. This allows the reduction of installed power supply and, mainly, reduces the electricity bill. Compared consumptions between a Twin Star and an average Hood machine, to wash 300 dishes:-65% needed space -90%labour -50% water -85% detergent/rinse-aid -40% needed power. Twin Star is available i
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