Healthcare facility dishwasher FI-72 Fagor

Healthcare facility dishwasher FI-72 Fagor

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Double rotating wash and rinse system, upper and lower. Reinforced stainless steel resistors in wash drum, with power of 2.8 KW, and in the rinse boiler, with 6 KW of power. Drum capacity: 25 litres. Water consumption: 2.7 litres / rinse. Thermostatic temperature control: wash at 60 ºC and rinse at 90 ºC. Safety thermostat. Thermometers for wash and rinse water temperatures. Safety micro switch on door. Built-in rinse aid dispenser. Filter trays on wash drum. For use with 500 x 500 mm racks. Supplied with: 1 basic rack, CT-10, 1 plate rack, CP-16/18, 1 tray rack, CB-7 and 4 cutlery baskets. Connection 400 V - III + N + E
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