Healthcare facility convertible chair SUNFLOWER Workware

Healthcare facility convertible chair SUNFLOWER Workware

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From armchair to bed in just one press of a button! The Sunflower has been developed for use in hospitals and hospices where close friends and relatives need to be comfortably installed when they are sitting with patients. The Sunflower can be used by visitors as an upright armchair that is easily convertible into a lounger with footrest or even a single bed. The conversion is made possible by means of 3 low voltage electric motors. Or, for example a mother, in a maternity unit, can adjust the Sunflower herself to a position that allows her to feed her newborn baby comfortably. In an emergency situation, with one push of a button, the Sunflower can convert from a bed to folding chair with wheels in just 32 seconds. Both patients and visitors profit from the extraordinary comfort that the Sunflower provides. It has been proven that the presence of close ones can speed up the recovery process in patients and the allure and professional image that the Sunflower lends to a care facility should not be underestimated!
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