Healthcare facility chest of drawers Sonoma Global Care

Healthcare facility chest of drawers Sonoma Global Care

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The Sonoma Collection provides the flexibility, enhanced utility and the attention to detail that render a friendly and nurturing environment. The Sonoma Collection was developed in response to the needs of caregivers and changing expectations of people in care. Specifiers will find the Sonoma Collection is modular and aligns dimensionally to minimize the footprint and maximize the available space. The Sonoma Collection is built using proprietary manufacturing technology that has been field tested for ten years, providing unparalleled durability. Offers superior construction detail in the vast selection of furniture pieces to fit the personal storage requirements of various lifestyle environments including long-term care, retirement and senior living residences and hospitals Features distinctive aluminum extrusions on all leading corners allowing for a continuous connection of chassis panels from top to bottom providing enhanced performance and durability The aluminum extrusions offer increased protection from the impact of mobile equipment and furniture used in these demanding environments Return on investment becomes a reality with all chassis panels and top being replaceable if damaged Products have ventilation and drainage features built into the unique design providing air circulation and drainage where required
  • Medical establishment:for healthcare facilities
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