Headlight Otopront - Happersberger Otopront

Headlight Otopront - Happersberger Otopront
Otopront - Happersberger Otopront

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The Cold-Light Illuminated Head Light has been specifically designed by Happersberger otopront to aid visualization during procedures due to its fiber optic transmission. It features an ergonomic lightweight headband which can fit every head size due to the two adjustment screws. The headlight can be adjusted in all directions by using one hand only. The fiber optic cable is lightweight and can be connected to either the right or to the left-hand side of the headband. The Cold-Light Illuminated Head Light device in its entirety weighs up to 320g. The headband incorporates leather parts and these are changeable.
Langgasse 90,
65329 Hohenstein
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