Handheld vital signs monitor / wireless tinké Zensorium

Handheld vital signs monitor / wireless tinké Zensorium

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INTRODUCING tinké It's small. It's light. Its unique design means you can take it anywhere and monitor your fitness and wellness anytime. All it takes is a touch of your finger, linking the touch to know about yourself and your loved ones. HEART RATE Did you know the lower your resting heart rate is, the fitter you are? Tinké lets you accurately measure your number of heart beats per minute, in seconds. BLOOD OXYGEN LEVEL A blood oxygen level of above 95% is essential for optimum performance in your daily activities. Fitter people have higher blood oxygen saturation levels. Tinké lets you measure the amount of oxygen carried by the red blood cells in your blood, at any given time. RESPIRATORY RATE Did you know that your fitness is related to your respiratory rate? The lower your respiratory rate at rest, the fitter you are. Tinké lets you measure the number of breaths you take per minute. HEART RATE VARIABILITY Our heart does not beat at a constant rate, and the changes in the rate at which our heart beats is known as Heart Rate Variability (HRV). Tinké measures for your HRV to give an indication of your level of relaxation.
  • Configuration:handheld
  • Other characteristic:wireless
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