Hand-held spirometer / wireless / USB SpiroConnect MedChip Solutions

Hand-held spirometer / wireless / USB SpiroConnect MedChip Solutions

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SpiroConnect made this device to make the spirometry procedure as easy to handle as possible. This makes it easier for asthma and COPD to be treated. This uses a vertical turbine sensor and even has a Bluetooth link. It uses a low flow control that operates at 0.025L per second. This is designed to control the period of low flow in the unit. This also works with the Data Manager software program and has its own online manual for instructional needs. This program creates a real time display setup that creates a sense of control and feedback to keep the setup ready. This is made with a data setup system and uses a test printout setup. This can also work on a laptop computer thanks to the aforementioned Bluetooth link. This also uses a sturdy body that keeps infections from developing within the user.
  • Other characteristic:wireless
  • Configuration:hand-held
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