Hand-held spirometer 18 L/s | OTTHON 2.0 THOR

Hand-held spirometer 18 L/s | OTTHON 2.0 THOR
18 L/s | OTTHON 2.0

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Otthon 2.0 is a pulmonary function diagnostics and monitoring device for use by general practitioners and patients. Otthon 2.0 is a compact, mobile, affordable solution for screening COPD and asthma. * Friendly and easy to use user interface with large Touchscreen display. Buttons, text entry screens and lists are easy to operate with fingertips, no pen is required. * Huge patient database to store several hundreds of patients and all their measurements. You can easily browse through them by searching for their names or ID's. * Audible human voice interpretation and measurement control: during measurements the devices plays audible human voice that explains how to improve maneuver quality. * Measurement tutorial presentation system for increased patient compliance. The device plays a simplified video with human voice explanation on its own screen. The device explains to the patient its own usage with a tutorial comprising simplified video and audible text. In case of a poor maneuver such as prematurely stopped FVC, coughing, slow starting, poor effort, short expiration, or failed reproduciblity, the device explains the reason of the poor maneuver to the patient with human voice and also provides a direct tutorial which focuses on the reason of the poor maneuver. * ATS/ERS and NLHEP interpretation systems for automated pulmonary diagnostics. The device automatically processes FVC trials and provides suggestions on how to improve maneuver quality. * NHANES III, Knudson, Crapo and Hsu measurement prediction formulas included. Ethnic correction factor is directly supported. * Audible chirp during measurements to incite the patient to perform better maneuvers.
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