Hand-held fertility monitor iFertracker Raiing

Hand-held fertility monitor iFertracker Raiing

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Smart Fertility Tracker: Help for conceiving faster Comfortable and secure wearing: - Much Easier for Sticking Out Wearing the sensor into the armpit before asleep, avoiding from the manual measurements' troubles every morning, to sleep peacefully - Safety of Materials Nontoxic, non-irritating and biocompatible - Compact Fit female armpit radians and exempt foreign body sensation Auto-measuring temperatures: - Approx. 20000 groups of data will be automatically gathered every night in use - Recording 240 hours' data at maximum - Measuring Accuracy at ±0.05°C Cloud saving: - Automatic upload Data would be automatically uploaded to the iDevices when picking off - Cloud service for viewing anytime Your body basal temperatures and all other records could be synchronized to the Cloud Server and could be viewed at any time Smart analyze: - Charting Automatically analyzes in combine with the users' entered necessitated Physiological Info to generate the BBT charts. - Percentage of pregnancy Comprehensive analyzes the BBTs and other multiple physiological info, to supply the percentage of pregnancy and help for arranging the intercourse. - Sleeping quality analysis According to the temperatures fluctuations detect the quality of your sleep, we can offer some reasonable advice.
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