Halogen surgical light / ceiling-mounted / 2-arm NUVO NUVO Surgical

Halogen surgical light / ceiling-mounted / 2-arm NUVO NUVO Surgical

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The Dual Light Head is clearly the favorite for most surgical procedures. Mounted on 43-inch and 36-inch arms, the dual light heads rotate freely about the surgical field with total stability, providing unlimited positioning. Engineered construction prevents any conflict between the lights. For procedures ranging from minimally invasive through trauma to cardiovascular the dual light delivers the intensity and pattern size to meet all your needs. When designing heart and orthopedic rooms you might also consider pairing a single light head with a dual light head mounted at the head and foot of the table. Features of the Dual Light Head: On/Off, Pattern Size adjustment and Light Intensity can all be adjusted by the surgeon from within the sterile field. 137,000 Lux (12,700 Footcandles) light intensity from a single 180 Watt bulb per Light Head (for a total of 274,000 Lux) Back-up bulb that illuminates within milliseconds when the primary bulb fails. Spare bulbs are conveniently located in the wall control housing for easy access. Sealed light head combined with ultra cool operation at only 3.71 µW/cm2/Fc Color correct light optimized at 4,300°K to ensure accurate patient assessment. Superior shadow control -- the light head will tolerate as much as 70% of the emitted light being blocked before a noticeable change in pattern intensity is witnessed. Drift-free counterbalance arms that are free to rotate continuously at every joint.
  • Number of arms:2-arm
  • Light source:halogen
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