Halogen surgical light / ceiling-mounted / 1-arm LUX100 LINE Ortosintese

Halogen surgical light / ceiling-mounted / 1-arm LUX100 LINE Ortosintese

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LUX100 features the highest electronic technology, with highly durable and resistant components, automatic 110-220 V switching using a small power supply, providing the required voltage and current to 24 V 150 W halogen bulbs. Available with 1 or 2 domes. Construction Structurally designed to provide the accuracy and balance required in the surgical environment. A modern spring system makes the LUX LUX100 positioning extremely light and easy to operate, enabling it to be handled both from the sterile and the external sections of the device, providing 360o horizontal rotation. Among its main characteristics, the reflector distinguishes by providing over 3,000 mathematically positioned facets, thus minimizing the incidence of shadows on the focus area. Specially developed filters are designed to separate any undesirable colors and heating, thus enabling the whitest light beams to get through while blocking the infrared waves, which convey the heat existing in the light generator source. Lighting Designed to be operated with two 150 W halogen bulbs, being a main bulb and a backup one, LUX100 provides safe operation and technology, with automatic switching to the backup lamp in case of main bulb failure, which is positioned in the same focus point, without the need for any manual operation.
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