Halogen dental light / 1-arm A-dec 300 A-dec

Halogen dental light / 1-arm A-dec 300 A-dec
A-dec 300

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The A-dec 300 is a dental light which is a solution to the limited range of vision offered by a few superior dental lights. Constrained motion can lead to a device being unable to properly illuminate all the areas of an oral cavity. This device is fully manoeuvrable and has all the key components that you look for in a dental light, including a neutral color and multifaceted reflector. The multifaceted reflector also reduces the incidence of shadows, clearing up the view of the tooth's surface. This allows dentists to effectively examine the tooth topography and tissue inside a patient's mouth, with minimal eye-strain. The A-dec 300 can be moved along two axes: horizontal as well as vertical, and it can be mounted easily on to an A-dec 500 dental chair.
  • Light source:halogen
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