Gynecological examination chair / electrical / 3-section GYNEX EUROCLINIC

Gynecological examination chair / electrical / 3-section GYNEX EUROCLINIC

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Our seat that is advanced from an ensured unwavering quality is the Gynex Professional seat that can blend practicality, feel, ergonomics. The interface to a proficient gynecologic visit can fulfill all patient and client needs. Gynex expert is provided with all versatile accessories like the back paper-move allocater, metal tub, chromed handles, leg-helps that are with discretionary crease out covering. Techno logic development has presented, in correlation with the standard base model, 2 more engines and electric movements of the back-rest and leg-rest, which make the seat more up to date and professional. On account of the joined movements of backrest and seat by method of self-adjusting framework which are worked by 2 quiet low tension actuators of 1000 N every one . Benefits -Gynex Professional is suitable for any constitution, giving most extreme solace to the patient. -The cushioned and pelted arm-rests permit an unwinding and ensuring sitting position and they are independently rotating and removable. -The backrest is given removable and managing head-rest in height. The wide and delicate leg-rest...
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