Gutta Percha root canal obturator SYSTEM B SybronEndo

Gutta Percha root canal obturator SYSTEM B SybronEndo

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One-Touch Controls for Efficiency and Precision Elements Obturation Unit The digital and graphical display incorporates 4 functions down-pack, backfill, cauterizing and hot pulp testing each with preset temperatures and durations. One touch changes the default temperature setting on the unit, either temporarily or as an ongoing preset according to your preference. No more frustration attempting to adjust the temperature with a sensitive dial. Tip Temperature Continuously Maintained and Displayed The temperature at the tip of the System B plugger is continuously monitored, maintained and displayed digitally in degrees centigrade on the screen. Time-Out Feature Precludes Overheating The time-out feature assists new users by shutting off the energy to the tip for an appropriate amount of time for each of the 4 functions. Especially useful for down-pack, the system also provides a sound to indicate its readiness for the separation burst.
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