Glycated hemoglobin analyzer InnovaStar® DiaSys Diagnostic Systems

Glycated hemoglobin analyzer InnovaStar® DiaSys Diagnostic Systems

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Precision Made Easy InnovaStar® is an automatic compact POCT analyzer for the daily practice that delivers result quality comparable to measurements on laboratory analyzers. Easy to use No special knowledge and extended training is required to operate the system. Testing is made easy with unit-dose reagents and precalibrated tests. The system is calibrated automatically with parameter cards which come with every test package. Precise High-quality reagents from DiaSys, freedom from interference, and a photometer detection unit with outstanding linearity are the guarantee for highest possible precision. Future-Proof Currently available are tests for HbA1c, glucose and hemoglobin. The future-oriented multiple-testing principle allows for easy expansion of the test portfolio, e.g. for the early detection of kidney disease.
The Sapphire Centre Unit 5,
United Kingdom
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