Glycated hemoglobin analyzer HumaMeter A1c HUMAN

Glycated hemoglobin analyzer HumaMeter A1c HUMAN
HumaMeter A1c

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The HumaMeter A1c is the latest Point of Care Technology (POCT) system offered by HumaMeter. It enables the immediate testing and monitoring of long-term diabetes, as well as, the management of diabetes in patients. Designed for professional users in health centers, hospitals, physicians’ offices, and diabetes centers, the A1c can be used for therapy adjustment from the initial diagnosis to the long-term monitoring. It offers many benefits, such as easy handling, barcode calibration, no pipetting and support for the state-of-the-art Boronate affinity technique. The results are in % DCCT, % JDS, mmol/mol IFCC, eAG mmol/1, and eAG mg/dl. 4 µl is all that is required.
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