Formalin supply and disposal system MA-3000 MEDIS Medical Technology

Formalin supply and disposal system MA-3000 MEDIS Medical Technology

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The system described here is used for the central supply of formalin (eg, 5% similar to water without solids) especially larger institutes of pathology and anatomy. The formalin can be connected up to 5 taps in the grossing lab and other formalin-handling-areas. Ideally, the system with the two tanks for fresh and used-formalin is placed in a room where the filling and emptying can be performed easily. The tanks ( from 600 up to 1500 liter capa- city) are available on a security grid container which is able to hold the total amount of the specific container. Since formalin smells strongly and causes breathing problems / nausea, the room must be well ventilated. Both vessels are equipped with a protective steel surrounded frame. Basically, the system offered is a closed system. Fumes cannot enter the room during the filling and emptying process because this is done automatically by a professional supply service. Only in the PTO takes place from formalin - but they must down completed sucks to be (see sucked down MEDIS ball MacroDoc stations bzw.Zuschneidetische with formalin-tap- agency and formalin-cast). For the taps we called filler pipes made of stainless steel, also filling of small containers...