Foot-operated stander 200 k g | rota Benmor Medical

Foot-operated stander 200 k g | rota Benmor Medical
200 k g | rota

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rota stand solo rota stand The rota stand has been developed to allow an assisted transfer from one seated position to another. The frame, shin pad and turn table combine to give optimum safety to both carer and patient during the transfer. The rota stand reduces the need to hold a patient during a transfer and encourages an independent and dignified transfer. The central wheels are a unique innovation because they allow the rotastand to be rolled up to the patient even after their feet have been positioned on the product. rota stand solo The rota stand solo revolutionises sit to stand and pivot transfers. The patented T bar mechanism in the base allows a sit to stand and pivot transfer to be carried out by a single nurse or carer thus reducing the time it takes to carry out the task as well as halving the cost of having two carers present during the transfer.