Fluorescence microplate reader ichroma™ D Boditech Med Inc.

Fluorescence microplate reader ichroma™ D Boditech Med Inc.
ichroma™ D

Accurate & Fast Quantitative results in 3-15 minutes. Simple Built-in calibration Versatile & Flexible Over 20 parameters available Specifications: ichroma™ D Reader Dimensions: 431.5 x 340 x 180 mm Weight: 3.7 kgs Power: 100-240V AC, 50/60Hz, 3A Built-in Computer with a Touch Screen - Window XP / Intel Atom N270 CPU - 7 LCD Display with a Touch Screen Direct connection to LIS/HIS Barcode scanner included A Single channel ichroma™ DUO Reader is an immunofluorescence-based diagnostics system to screen major lifestyle-related diseases, such as cardiac diseases, cancers, diabetes, infection diseases and hormonal disorders. ichroma™ DUO Reader provides quantitative test results in 3-15 minutes. It enables clinicians and lab technicians to run an individual test without mandating additional visits by patients.
  • Detection mode: : fluorescence
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