Floor track shelving unit QWFLTR Stanley Healthcare

Floor track shelving unit QWFLTR Stanley Healthcare

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QWFLTR Wire Shelving Systems was designed to save space and increase storage density, InnerSpaces floor track system utilizes low profile aluminum floor tracks and carriage wheels to grant stationary wire shelving units to be slid back and forth depending on approach needs. Increase accessibility, boost efficiency, and maximize available floor space with Stanley InnerSpace high density floor track storage. Floor track system can be effortlessly expanded or relocated. Existing stationary shelving units can be mounted onto floor track system and aisle space required. Aluminum track reduces friction and adds optimal carriage retention. Floor tracks are low profile mobile carts can effortlessly roll over them. There is top track systems are also available. It is fast, easy installation with minimal downtime. Multiple shelving units can be effortlessly moved by one person. Floor tracks virtually eliminate excess aisle space and grant up to a 400% increase in storage capacity.
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