Fitting analyzer (hearing aid setting) / hearing aid Axiom™ Audioscan hearing Instruments

Fitting analyzer (hearing aid setting) / hearing aid Axiom™ Audioscan hearing Instruments

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REAL PRODUCTIVITY AND CONTROL! Axiom delivers real control and real productivity. With it, you can help more patients, fit more hearing instruments, achieve higher client satisfaction, and do all of that without breaking a sweat or the the bank. Its the affordable way to take control of the fitting process. Axiom is also the preferred choice for those focused on high-quality fitting with high-volume productivity. FIT WITH FACTS Objective measurement and verification of hearing instruments is critical to the success of patient rehabilitation and satisfaction. Axiom offers the hearing healthcare professions everything necessary to provide complete control of the fitting process and the outcome. The results are clear fewer returns, more time for patients, and higher patient satisfaction.Audioscan*' introduces the Axiom™ fitting system. Captivate your patients with Axiom's modern design and exclusive Speechmap^ display. Educate your patients by revealing their residual auditory area. Motivate your patients using our unique before-and-after amplification speech audibility measure. Axiom's simple process makes you and your patient a team with a common fitting goal audibility that is comfortable. The Axiom is exactly what you need to: Quickly gain patient understanding of fitting goals Counsel with confidence Decrease return visits and returns for credit Instill trust through objective measures Grow your business through word-of-mouth Minimize equipment costs Enhance the value of your services
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