Fitmate PRO - Desktop Metabolic System

Fitmate PRO - Desktop Metabolic System
Fitmate PRO

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The Fitmate PRO is a desktop metabolic monitor that proposes a new approach for the measurement of O2 consumption during exercise testing or at rest. Fitmate PRO measures VO2max, either directly or through a sub-maximal protocol, and provides additional features like the calculation of the Anaerobic Threshold (AT) and the definition of heart rate training zones. Fitmate PRO is a compact desktop device with internal rechargeable battery, a large LCD screen and inbuilt printer that allow testing without a computer or mains power lead. Fitmate PRO processes test results and stores all information inside its internal memory, ready for upload to PC software (included). 

Complete product line. The Fitmate product line is designed to fit the needs of different users for specific applications and environments (clinical, research, performance, health & fitness).

Simplified approach to metabolic testing. The Fitmate measures oxygen uptake (at rest or during exercise) with the same accuracy of conventional systems with both O2 and CO2 sensors, but provides an easier test process (no calibration with gas cylinders, no warm-up).

Standalone use. The compact desktop design of the Fitmate offers an internal rechargeable battery, a large LCD screen and built-in thermal printer that allows testing without the need of a computer or main power lead.

Independently validated. The Fitmate has been validated for measuring REE (both with face mask and canopy) and VO2max (both real VO2max and prediction of maximal oxygen consumption with a sub-maximal protocol)

Accurate and reliable O2 sensor. The intrinsically linear electrochemical GFC sensor of the Fitmate has a 12-18 months lifespan and is user-replaceable.

Fitmate software. The Fitmate software suite provides the ability to manage data (save, archive, trending) measured with the Fitmate unit, plus a wider range of additional features such as energy balance, diet plan, ACSM exercise prescription, etc.

Integration with external devices. The Fitmate can be connected with third party devices for increased functionality including activity monitors (all Fitmate), pulse oximeters (Fitmate MED only), and stress ECGs (Fitmate MED only)

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