Fingertip SpO2 sensor / pediatric Mediaid Inc.

Fingertip SpO2 sensor / pediatric Mediaid Inc.
Mediaid Inc.

Pediatric Adjustable Sensor has a reusable cable and an adjustable foot wrap. The foot wrap is made of a soft rubber material and is intended for children from 1 month to 18 months in age. A foot wrap can also be reused several times and may be sterilized in ethylene oxide. RJ12 Connector REF/PN POX020-530 (8ft / 2.4m cable) Compusheild® Connector REF/PN POX050-530S (8ft / 2.4m cable) Replaceable Foot Wraps (6/pkg) REF/PN POX025-360 (Large) REF/PN POX025-355 (Medium) REF/PN POX025-350 (Small)
  • Configuration: : fingertip
  • Patient type: : pediatric
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