Fingertip SpO2 sensor / adult S-DOS 25 Masimo

Fingertip SpO2 sensor / adult S-DOS 25 Masimo
S-DOS 25

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Hospitals are facing more pressure than ever to reduce costs and implement green initiatives while maintaining infection control practices to protect patients and staff from the risks of cross-contamination. Disposable pulse oximetry sensors have historically offered the best performance, greatest ease of use, and most comfort, but do generate waste. Reprocessing sensors may appear to lower the per sensor price, but third-party reprocessed sensors do not offer the same performance or quality as new sensors and are labor intensive. In addition, reprocessing itself requires additional manufacturing and transport, which negatively impacts the environment. Reusable sensors may offer low environmental impact, but do not offer the same performance, comfort, or reduction of cross-contamination risk as disposable sensors.

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