Fibula compression bone plate / distal DFX™ Tornier

Fibula compression bone plate / distal DFX™ Tornier

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Tornier offers a variety of low profile, anatomic plates designed with the Foot & Ankle Specialist in mind. Ankle fracture solutions include the DTX Medial Distal Tibia plates and DFX™ Distal Fibula plates. The implants are part of the comprehensive MaxLock Extreme™ system, with Tribrid™ Technology for fixed angle, variable angle, and non-locking capability. The DFX Distal Fibula plate is fully contoured to match the anatomical contour of the fibula’s lateral malleolus for fixation of Weber type A, B and C fractures. Better anatomical fit equals more secure fracture fixation and return to natural bony anatomy and function.
  • Surgical application:fibula
  • Part of bone:distal
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