Fetal monitor 2 MHz | A100P Shenzhen Aeon Technology

Fetal monitor 2 MHz | A100P Shenzhen Aeon Technology
2 MHz | A100P

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A100P is a high end fetal monitor with 10.2 inch TFT LCD wide screen which can display twins FHR/TOCO numberal and curve. It is applicable to monitoring in hospitals over the uterine contraction, the fetal heart rate and fetal movement conditions of the pregnant. Product Description 10.2 inch TFT LCD which turned freely within 90° indicates FHR/TOCO as numeral, trend diagram and outputs fetal heart sound. 480 patients CTG data storage with 24 hours record for each patient and reload ability (Up to 11,520 hours record capacity). High Sensitive 2.0 MHz Pulse Doppler Transducer with 10 wafers. Automatic/Manual fetal movement Measurement. LCD display width is 112mmwide as same as printing paper?which enables more accurate and visual graphs readings. Built-in112mmThermal printer with adjusted printing speed 1,2,3cm/min Event marker made 10 kind events. AC power and rechargeable Li-ion battery are available for power supply. RJ45/USB connection interface available. Patient’s name, age, Gravida para and period can be input for the record information. Three working modes( Curve, Numerical, Replay ) are available. Support twins monitor function.
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