Fetal doppler / portable H3-T Changxing Ultrasonic Instrument

Fetal doppler / portable H3-T Changxing Ultrasonic Instrument

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H3-T Multi-function Home Fetal Doppler Home Using Fetal Doppler can detect the Fetal Heart Rate(FHR) through the theory of Doppler . It is suited the 16 weeks or above pregnant woman at home to know the fetus healthy situation. Features: ??* Big LCD Display ??* Three Modes:FHR Mode,Alarm Mode and MP3 Mode. ??* Gestational weeks display ??* Safe and no radiation, medical grade home product, ??* Alarm function when FHR is out of the normal range ??* Recording and playback,Speak FHR number. ??* Audio output can connet earphones,speaker or computer. ??* Probe and main unit are separate design, easy to detect FHR. ??* Various battery compatibility :AA alkaline battery and AA Ni-MH rechargeable battery Specification: ??* Battery:1.5V*3 Cell Alkaline(Type: AA) ?? 1.2V*Cell Rechargeable Ni-MH(Type:AA) ??* Size:150*110*54(mm) ??* Machine N.W.:380g ??* Storage Temperature:(-10~+40)? ??* Shipment Method: Air, Sea, Road
  • Application:fetal
  • Configuration:portable
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