Fetal and maternal monitor SRF618K9 Sunray Medical Apparatus

Fetal and maternal monitor SRF618K9 Sunray Medical Apparatus

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? Monitor the maternal and fetal parameters simultaneously, Fetal parameters: FHR, TOCO and FM; Maternal parameters: NIBP, SPO2, PR, ECG, RESP and TEMP. ? Two-bed Monitoring: One single machine monitors two pregnant women simultaneously. Two sets of fetal monitoring transducers: wired and wireless (FHR, TOCO and FM) transducers respectively. ? Twins monitoring function. Triplets monitoring function for option. ? Portable design and integrated wireless transducer socket. ? 12.1 inches TFT color screen, 0-7 degree foldable; CTG curve and numeric display simultaneously. ? Shiftable display interface: classic black, warm pink and lime green. ? Wide-beam 10 crystal ultrasound transducer, high sensitive, stable signal detection. ? Wired and wireless waterproof FHR and TOCO transducer, IP grade: IP68. ? Real-time analysis function: Automatically calculate and analyze the parameter indexes include FHR baseline, acceleration times, deceleration times, short-term variation, FM times, etc. and provide data for diagnosis in real time. ? More than 500 files storage, playback and printing available; file data can be put in. ? Audible and visual alarming against the abnormal FHR , transducer off-position and the unstable signal; alarming review function;
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