Fetal and maternal monitor OSEN9000B Shenzhen Osen Technology

Fetal and maternal monitor OSEN9000B Shenzhen Osen Technology

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Comes with a compact and light design with easy to use front control panels, system setup is simple and can be automatically stored. There is a 12.1 “TFT Colour screen folding at 90 degrees. Additional features include, auto fetal movement are available, standard patient event marker, plus clinical event marking, button which separately marks clinical events, AC or LI-battery operated , more than 12 hours data storage, then can be reprinted or played, The internal line 152mm thermal printer can records FHR ,TOCO , with the data storage life exceeding 20 years, internal interface which connects to central nurse station, Optional: FAS(Fetal acoustic simulator),Twins FHR, Multi-crystals ,wide beam form, for fetal safety uses low ultrasound power high and sensitivity ultrasound transducer. Standard parameters maternal SpO2,HR,NIBP,Temp,ECG,RR,TOCO,FHR,FM.
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