Fetal and maternal monitor M1720B Beijing M&B Electronic Instruments

Fetal and maternal monitor M1720B Beijing M&B Electronic Instruments

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?Portable, compact?flexible and convenient to use ?A kind of complete monitoring system, which can monitor the process from 4-month pregnancy to parturition. By ultrasonic fetus heart rate probe and TOCO probe, reliable monitoring information can be obtained and twins can be monitored as well ? 12.1" LCD screen with vivid color, curve/figure display on the same screen. Clear English menu ?Fetus monitoring: monitor fetus' rhythm of heart, TOCO, mark quickening and other issues for a long continuous period during pregnancy and parturition, automatically alarm in the event of abnormal accident. High-sensitivity and broad wave pulse Doppler probe with multi-wafer can catch fetus’ rhythm of heart rapidly ?Multi-event marking is helpful for later analysis of curve ?Optional twins monitoring ?Automatic monitoring mode can set up alarm range in accordance with patient situation ?Monitor automatic store and review of data for 24-hour. The speed of review can be adjusted ?Heat matrix printing, instant print of trend and alarm print. A number of optional printing speeds ?Automatically activating recorder and triggering records by alarm can prevent the loss of patient information. Identify the date and time of the event on the recording paper to analyze the curve ?Support wireless access. With powerful wire/wireless internet access function, central station monitoring system can be built up ?Built-in rechargeable battery for both AC and DC for continuously monitoring
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