FarmScan M30 Handheld Veterinary Ultrasound Machine

FarmScan M30 Handheld Veterinary Ultrasound Machine

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FarmScan M30 is new small in size but big in functionality and features. Modern hand-held designed exclusively for veterinary practitioners, who need an economic and simple ultrasound for the purpose of swine and ovine pregnancy diagnostics.



  • Highly cost effective device

  • Quick and accurate measurements with digital technology

  • Easy to use, learn, and teach

  • Precision aiming ability via ergonomically designed console and probe

  • Easy-to-use, handheld probe

  • Color LCD screen for easy reading

  • Brightness controls

  • Portable, Reliable and durable design

  • Two batteries provided for continuous use

  • Two-year warranty

Advance Features:

  • 14 hours for continuous operation, meeting a long day scanning needs(2 batteries);

  • light weight only 325g ,and modern ergonomics designing make it comfort to use;

  • advanced full digital core technology to obtain high quality images, ensure accurate pregnancy check at early stage;

  • 128 frames permanent storage, without loss of image when powered off;

  • simple, yet very reliability and resistant, suitable for breeding farm harsh field conditions;

  • waterproof and dustproof detachable probe, can be easily cleaned by flowing water;

  • 19th day in pigs and 25th in sheep pregnancy diagnosis, especially if the breeder is very experienced


  • Simple, reliability and resistant

  • Small livestock – pig, sheep, dog, cat  etc.

  • Early diagnosed in pigs on the 19th day, in sheep on the 25th day

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