Fan calibrator ViPex Ventilatortester EKU Elektronik

Fan calibrator ViPex Ventilatortester EKU Elektronik
ViPex Ventilatortester

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The expansion of the ViP Ventilatortester, the ViPex (tension), features three flow sensors integrated in a flexible electronic measuring unit for bidirectional measurement. It ensures higher measuring precision, without compliance loss since the measuring unit is directly plugged at the device to be tested. It's less sensitive to disturbances without troublesome plugging of the single sensors. With an additional small flow sensor for more exact measurements at minimal flow, it allows flow measurement even 'lower' while allowing flow measurement even 'higher' at an expansion of the range to >200l/min. It can also measure bidirectional inspiratory and expiratory flow with direction indication directly at the Y-piece.
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