Fabric adhesive Histoacryl® Flexible Aesculap - a B. Braun company

Fabric adhesive Histoacryl® Flexible Aesculap - a B. Braun company
Histoacryl® Flexible

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Improved closure of surgical incisions Description The new generation of Histoacryl® glue has been designed to close and protect surgical wounds. Histoacryl® Flexible is suitable to close and protect the skin of small and long incisions (up to 25 cm) in a broad variety of surgical disciplines such as plastic surgery (mammaplasties, abdominoplasties, hand surgery), general surgery (inguinal hernia repair, colectomies), cardiovascular surgery (valve repair, CABG), etc. The tissue adhesive Histoacryl® consists of monomeric n-butyl-2-cyanoacrylate, which polymerises quickly in connection with tissue fluid. Combined with plasticizers Histoacryl® Flex adhesive films adapt easier three dimensionally. Advantages - Closure of longer incisions up to 25 cm - Enhanced flexibility - Microbial barrier - Accuracy Special tip permits a better control and improved application - Excellent cosmetic results Indication - Closure of smooth and fresh skin wounds - Closure of surgical incisions - Closure of skin in endoscopic incisions
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