Extracorporeal lithotripter Enertech

Extracorporeal lithotripter Enertech

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Pneumatic lithotripter Egnormically designed, light weight & compact. Very efficient fragmentation of stones. Micro processor based complete digital model. Dual footswitch frequency with selection of Single / Multiple and Power Pulse modes. Power Pulse mode Is the special feature which no other Indian companies are providing. This mode is very effective in fragmentation of large bladder and kidney stones. Working at 14Hz to & fro excursion at the tip of the probes is less than 1 mm. Pulse gives the user the choice of fragmenting the stone at his will. Easy connections for the inlet and outlet tubings for easy & smooth handling of the paramedical staff. Counter to display the number of pulses used during the fragmentation of the stone. Can be directly connected on to the central oxygen line in the operation theater. High medical grade stainless steel probes. Excellent fragmentation of stones from 4.5 to 5.5 bars of air. Pulse can be used through rigid or semi rigid endoscopies. Enertech lithotripter is an efficient and economical means of fragmenting calculi. Pulse is particularly useful with large stones and hard stones. Pulse is a userfriendly system, efficient and cost effective.
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