Exercise mat RG 120 211260 Alpidex

Exercise mat RG 120 211260 Alpidex
RG 120 211260

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Gymnastic Mat 150 x 100 x 6 cm with Anti-Slip Base, Natural Leather Corners and Carry Handles RG 120 Information about material and mat sizes The gym mat measures: 150 x 100 x 6 cm. All of our mats are upmarket, UV-resistant and CFC-free premium-quality products. DIN standard This gym mat has been conceptualised for the use in sports clubs and schools and meets the specifications of DIN standard DIN EN 12503-1 Type 3! Consequently, it also corresponds to the TÜV-certificate (TÜV = German Association for Technical Inspection). This mat is qualified for floor exercises with jumps and drops. Density and core material The core is made of an innovative combination of a high-quality compound foam (degree of hardness RG 120) with a special lining. Thanks to this special combination, the mat is by 50 % lighter than mats with the traditional core. RG means volume weight (German: Raumgewicht) and states the degree of hardness of the mat (the higher the figure, the harder the mat, due to density). Cover At the top the mat features a seamless, tearproof tarpaulin fabric (synthetic-polyester-fabric), which is agreeable to the skin, and an anti-slip fabric at the bottom. Since the mat is protected by its natural leather corners, its life is prolonged significantly. The cover is equipped with firmly sewed-on carry handles. Thus you can carry the mat more comfortably.
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