Evoked auditory potential measurement system (audiometry) / digital VertiGuard® RT Zeisberg

Evoked auditory potential measurement system (audiometry) / digital VertiGuard® RT Zeisberg
VertiGuard® RT

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VertiGuard® RT includes the full functionality of the VertiGuard® D. Using the results of the posturography measurement, the System calculates an individual training for each patient. This ensures that only those exercises will be trained where the patient has the biggest deficits and thus maximes the training result! Individualized Neurofeedback Balancing Highly efficient training due to neurofeedback. Fast Training success due to intuitive sensory relation between the direction of the feedback and the direction of the swaying. Training is based on results of posturography: for the first time, balance training exactly matches the patients deficits! The training program is calculated individually for each patient using scientifically validated algorithms. Training results are quantitatively measured and graphically visualized. In aworld wide double-blind placebo-controlled multicenter study including different groups of patients with balance deficits (Semicircular canal function loss, Otolith disorder, Acoustic neuroma removal, Microvascular compression syndrome, Parkinson's disease, Presbyvertigo) the highly significant reduction of the body sway (~30 - 50%) within a training time of 10 days (20 min. per day) with the VertiGuard® RT was shown.
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