Evoked auditory potential measurement system (audiometry) / digital AURIX™ Vivosonic

Evoked auditory potential measurement system (audiometry) / digital AURIX™ Vivosonic

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The Next Level in Hearing Screening Early detection of hearing loss in infants is critical for the normal development of speech, language, learning, and social skills. Aurix is an advanced hearing screening system that identifies potential hearing loss with accuracy and efficiency. It Is a fully Automated ABR system which detects the presence or absence of an auditory brainstem response in newborns and infants. Aurix allows you to focus on the patient while reducing test time and the impact on hospital resources Aurix provides more reliable screening results in awake and premature babies, resulting in: Reduced need for rescreens caused by an awake or stirring baby; Less variability in test time allowing for scheduling with greater accuracy; Wireless communication between the Aurix Link™ and the computer allows screeners to comfort newborns by holding or feeding during testing; Premature infants can be tested in their incubator or NICU bed. Aurix improves technical reliability in all screening environments Much like Vivosonic’s Integrity™, our patented Kalman filter helps Aurix to tune out electromagnetic noise. This helps reduce the number of abandoned tests and virtually eliminates the need for specialized screening environments.
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