Esophageal biopsy brush swab Healthcare Medical Changzhou

Esophageal biopsy brush swab Healthcare Medical Changzhou
Healthcare Medical Changzhou

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The Cytology brush is made of nylon, wide angled, and has adequate hardness which makes collection of cell tissue samples simpler. These features also contributes to the reduction of any pain a patient may experience. The head of the brush remains with the body without getting detached as it has maximum solidity. The outer tube does not bend due to its very smooth finish. Its PTFE outer sheath together with its small metal tip avoid any damage the endoscope channel may suffer with usage. The Cytology brush is available in straight type and 2.0 mm and 3.0 mm series and 5.0 mm. It is available in varying lengths: 1,050 mm, 1.200 mm, 1,600 mm, 1.800 mm, 2,300 mm.
  • Application:esophageal biopsy brush
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