Epimed Monitor Infection Control system

Epimed Monitor Infection Control system

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The Epimed Monitor Infection Control System is designed to manage data and indicators controlled by the Infection Control and surveillance, being used as a tool for measuring and optimizing preventive, reporting and control actions for hospital-associated infections


Used in more than 100 hospitals the Epimed Monitor Infection Control System allows the management of the clinical data and microbiology. It allows a full infection control management from surveillance, tracking multi-resistance pathogens, reporting and benchmarking Healthcare-Associated Infections (HAIs) rates and implementing the prevention of multidrug-resistance.


 It helps reduce both the rates and the costs of hospital-acquired infections and its clinical consequences.


Epimed Monitor Infection Control System allows:

  • Monitoring the adherence to evidence-based preventive measures against HAIs
  • Assess the use of antimicrobials focusing on actions to reduce microbial resistance
  • Real-time mapping of resistant microorganisms to optimize prevention and protocol implementation
  • Reduce exposure to risks, such as invasive procedures
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